A ginger cat asleep on the settee

Ok – so who am I?

I am not a cat but I can relate to them – especially this one.

His name was Dylan and he followed me everywhere. It was a sad day when he passed away but now he is my screen saver on my desktop and I thought he deserved some publicity on my blog.

Well Iā€™m Steve who likes to write and reflect a lot.

Most things interest me but I seem to focus on those things that make me smile or sometimes sad.

I have been in business in both the Corporate space and also with my own business and most of the time it was just so much fun.

The people, the challenges made it so.

Now I no longer work I find my diary is as busy as ever – most of the contact generated by my need to keep in touch with people.


Probably too many – a little like a jack of all trades, master of none – I just prefer it that way!

But I discover new ones all of the time – …. with the technology and the connectivity it brings I feel that this is just a great time to be alive šŸ™‚