Next please ….

My friend Martin never normally makes voice calls.

It’s normally connecting by e mail or perhaps a short text.

So when he called me on his mobile phone on Sunday afternoon I was rather surprised to see his name appear on my phone screen.

“How are you?” I said cheerfully.

“Not brilliant. Are you free at the minute?”

The bottom line was that he had fallen over on his patio in his garden and had hit his right leg on the stone step.

As it had swollen almost immediately he phoned his local doctor who advised him to get himself up to his local hospital Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department as soon as possible.

I immediately drove over to his house to give him a lift and to give him some company for his A&E visit.

A&E reception was bursting at the seams, full of people, with every seat taken.

We queued up to register and, amidst the high level of background chatter, Martin managed to get his details across to the receptionist behind the glass screen.

We luckily found two seats free in the same row but a few spaces apart.

Some kind patients in between offered to swap seats so we could chat easily.

And we did.

For about 2 hours, in fact, before an impressive male nurse with a clipboard called out his name.

We rushed up to meet him and his look told us that he was surprised to see us.

He was surprised because he has called out the name Margaret and not Martin.

Full marks for his observation.

No marks for our hearing.

We were sent back to our seats, now taken.

Eventually we went in to see the specialist.

She was warm, amusing but professional.

She tested his leg and his ability to move his ankle and knee.

All seemed ok so she asked if we had any questions.

“I have two questions” said Martin

“Will I be able to swim with this leg?”

“If you could swim before with this leg, you should be able to swim with it now” she said with a smile.

And the second question?

“Will I be able to take part in the pantomime we are showing at my local theatre next week?”

“Especially so if it’s Treasure Island and you are playing Long John Silver” she said with a wicked smile.

We both came out into the main A&E reception laughing and joking.

Other potential patients waiting nervously for their calls must have wondered what we had both been prescribed ….

Let the music in – part 2

I wasn’t expecting for there to be a part 2.

After last week’s delightful experience selling my old guitar amplifier to Clive (I’ll always remember him) I had completely forgotten about our band rehearsal scheduled for this afternoon.

We meet up every fortnight or so to rehearse for a gig we don’t have until April 2020!

We like to be prepared because I find it reduces the nerves on the night if we know what we are doing.

The interesting aspect here is that we are normally a 3 piece band but have added an extra friend of mine to play additional guitar and keyboard in the band to enhance the sound plus my brother in law who is our excellent sound-man.

The chemistry is pretty amazing.

We laugh, we joke, we play, we revise, we challenge, we just love playing.

We are very lucky to be able to do this and we do not take it for granted.

Music is a hobby – we will not be pop stars.

But that is not the point.

The point is that we write our own stuff (not sure where this comes from), play cover songs and just enjoy the music.

We see each other a lot.

Individually we are not bad musicians at all even if I do say so myself.

As a group however we are just so much better than the sum of our parts 😎

The story of life in my experience …

A view through the glass …

I am always early for my Yoga class.

I just hate rushing.

The upside is I can sit around on the comfy chairs outside the studio and watch others fly by, often late for their class, and probably burning more calories than they do in the class itself.

Today I’m waiting outside studio 2 for the yoga session just before 10 am.

I’m ten minutes early so there is another class already going on in the studio, this one being a Pilates class I think.

The double doors to the studio have a roller blind pulled just over half way down the inside door glass (to allow the students some privacy).

Today I notice we have two young girls (about 4-5 years old, probably sisters, I would guess) peering through the bottom half of the window (not obscured by the blind) and they are looking through, both of them mimicking the moves of the students in the class.

It is just so funny watching them peer in and then copy the moves exactly in the corridor outside of the studio.

Their Dad (I’m assuming) is looking on but glued to his mobile phone, deep in a telephone call.

The young girls have attracted quite a crowd of yoga student onlookers waiting to go in to the studio shortly.

The girls’ enthusiasm and zest are infectious – even Dad is trying not to laugh as they go through their own version of the Pilates moves.

The class finishes and it looks like their Mum has been in the class and hugs them when she comes out.

“That was a tough class” she tells them.

“You’re telling us!” they respond in perfect harmony.

Mum looks confused.

Dad knows,

Dad smiles.

We all smile …

Pausing for breath …

It seems a good time to reflect.

I’ve been a blogger for 3 weeks.

It’s just flown by and I keep writing.

It’s been a real eye opener for me and a very nice one at that.

The blog universe is certainly vast and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Such a wealth of perspectives, views, advice, ideas.

From Art to Yoga.

From Zen to Recipes.

Some serious, some just amazingly zany and often funny, and the whole range in between, all making a contribution and a difference.

I’m following quite a few people already and it’s making my life far richer.

I’m learning about new things all the time.

I’m pausing for breath not because I’m tired.

I’m just reflecting and feeling really grateful I’m in the mix.

What an amazing world it is.

I jumped in and I’m so pleased to be still floating …. and smiling.

First things first

Hi, I’m Steve,

Well that was easy.

I like to write things to share with others. I hope people find them amusing and helpful.

Topics will range across my life experiences with a personal perspective which tends to move between humour and just seeing it as I do.

Hang in there while I start to build on my posts over the next few days – I hope you enjoy them!