Slow down and breathe …

What’s going on?

Why the rush, the impatience, the rudeness, the lack of tolerance?


Competitive bus queues, 

Barging in the street, 

Car horns blaring,

Waiting in line, fuming.


Everyone in a rush

They’ve left it too late

Time Management an alien expression

Slow down and breathe… please.


Courtesy “out of the window”,

Blood pressure peaking,

Heart rates soaring,

Connections to meet


Eating on the go

No time for a break

Texting whilst running

Headphones at peak 


Everything urgent

No space to reflect

Adrenaline pumping

No manners to detect


Slow down everybody

And appreciate the journey

There’s much to see and enjoy

You will be pleasantly surprised


What you are truly missing …


Who’s running this? …

Last week was manic.

Totally mad.

I was exhausted.

Too many meetings (nearly all self inflicted I admit), too many unexpected events, too much rescheduling needed to claw back some free time.

Non stop racing against the clock and running so fast just to stand still.

I rarely get stressed.

Last week I was stressed.

It was a very strange and unexpected sensation.

Didn’t even have time to talk to one or two dear friends who I could have relied on to talk sense and help me through the options.

My reaction?

Sit down, breathe (it helps) and calmly work out what needs to change.

I have just made next week’s activities more manageable.

Fewer meetings.

More invitations and opportunities declined.

More free time with nothing in the diary.

I will fill some of it of course with some personal stuff I have wanted to get done for ages but this time without any outside pressure on deadlines.

Lessons learnt?

I need to stay in control of my weeks ahead.

Every week.

Saying “No” to people who always expect me to say “Yes”

They will just have to cope.

They will.

Deferring meetings or projects that can easily wait a week or so.

Without the world ending.

It won’t.

It’s a nice feeling realising it’s really down to me.

I’m running this delightful life.

I just need to consistently manage people’s expectations …..

and perhaps, more importantly, my own. 🙂

Who ya gonna call?…

I’ve always been comfortable with statistics, numbers and measuring stuff.

I think you do sometimes need to think about what the numbers really mean.

Numbers of friends , numbers of likes, numbers of followers etc. can, of course, be very useful.

We all love them.

Especially when they are growing.

For me the social media world of Facebook can be both interesting and misleading.

My “friends” on that social media site are an interesting mix of my regular face to face contacts and others who I know but don’t really call or contact as often as I should.

Some of my friends regularly publicise when they are away on holiday complete with airport check-in confirmation (not likely to impress their home and contents insurers), some send photos of their food in front of them on the table in their restaurant (are these giving me guidance?), some regularly send photos of themselves (do they think I may have forgotten what they look like?) some are just cryptic, with updates that are just damn right mysterious.

Some tip me off regularly about forthcoming music or cycling events.

I keep in contact with as many of my friends on a face to face basis whenever I can. It’s not easy and takes a lot of time and personal energy!

Well here’s a few questions for you (and I’m not collecting data!)

If you have just broken down in your car, stranded, at say 3.00am in the morning, and your smartphone still has a charge, how many on your “friends” list could you call to get you back home?

Who will not hesitate in leaving their warm bed to come out to get you back?

When did you last meet up with them face to face for a proper chat and catch up?

Who ya gonna call?

Certainly not Ghostbusters.

Just saying … and just thinking ….

What Do You See? …..

I used to commute to London on a daily basis – rushing for the train and tube, battling through the crowds.

The key to success was having a contingency plan in case of train cancellation or just a delayed arrival of my favourite train.

Since I stopped commuting I only travel into London by train about once a month to meet friends or to attend the odd exhibition (not literally!).

So yesterday I set off early, and ended up on a fairly busy, off peak train.

I usually take a book to read or headphones for music but yesterday I decided to just sit and relax and just see what everyone was doing.

There was the usual smartphone contingent, glued to their screens, tapping at their keyboards with some urgency. Some smiling, some not.

There was the headphone brigade either listening to music or watching a video on their phones. Some nodding their heads, some tapping their feet.

Very few people looked up.

Nobody had conversations.

I noticed interesting clothing styles and colour combinations.

I saw bold shoe selections which often seemed at variance to a clothing style.

But hey why not be bold and individual?

I saw quite a few people who looked very tired and drawn.

I saw many building projects in progress alongside the rail track.

I smelt a range of delightful perfumes and aftershaves as people got out of their seats to leave the train.

I used to miss all this in my hectic commuter days.

What do you see as you rush through life?

It’s a very interesting and absorbing world out there.

Don’t miss it …