30 Minute Flashback …

I’ve always loved photographs.

We used to keep them in large albums with thick, heavy, covers which were difficult to open.

They were often filed away in a cupboard and brought out by chance when we noticed them whilst looking for something else.

Nowadays we have, perhaps, courtesy of digital cameras and phones, too many photos.

Too many to review, often now resident on our laptop computers or personal phones.

Never to be seen again or shared once taken.

My wife, bless her, decided some years back to scan all of our old photos from those albums into digital form for posterity.

It was a massive project.

We recently decided to build, over the weekend, a 30 minute slide show of a selection of these photos (plus some latest phone ones) so we could share with family and friends as Xmas approaches.

We had to decide on selecting 150 photos covering our life.

It was a tough call.

Little did we know how we would react to being transported back to memories, people, events and places that just became suddenly vivid and real again.

30 minutes plus chat time of course.

It became 3 times that estimate when we did a trial run.

A flashback of our lives.

A journey now stored in the digital cloud.

For us and others to review and reflect.

I’m still shaking.

It ought to be on prescription…

Random Nature …

A few years back a mail order company sent me an advert for an activity tracker.

I normally ignore random advertising but the deal on offer looked attractive so I took the plunge and ordered one as part of a sudden, impulsive, need to get myself fit.

My plan was to get myself into a walking regime on a daily basis.

Off I went, experimenting with different local routes, different distances and different gradients!

The walking changed my perspective in a way I was not expecting.

I was used to travelling everywhere by car.

I slowly realised I was missing out on so much by driving everywhere .

On foot I was now in a different environment, seeing different people (and often their dogs!) and nature close up.

I started to notice trees.

What magnificent living structures they are!

I started to notice the colours of nature, the variety of plants and bushes, the seasons.

I noticed how the sunlight might sometimes reflect differently on the leaves at different times of the day. The sun’s changed position after just 10 minutes of walking can change everything.

I would suddenly stop when I noticed the beauty of it all and just took a photo or two on my phone camera.

The photos became a collection of what I had been missing.

Thank you random advert.

I still reflect on how small interventions can make big differences.

Perhaps the advert was not random at all.